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For this reason, supplements are an important part of a modern-day diet.  The Isotonix brand is specially formulated to dissolve easily in water, making it easy to to digest in a balanced, healthy way.  More than supplements, isotonix aids you in living your best life.

You may have heard, “You are what you eat,” once or twice in your life-time.  But if you’ve tried reading an ingredient label, it may be very hard to determine what you are!

Besides not knowing what’s in your food, determining if it was healthy, raised correctly, not genetically modified, and a whole slew of other concerns, it is a fact that commercially raised food products do not have the nutritional value that food had over a hundred years ago.


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Isotonix products are available in several different combinations, that address specific vitamin deficiencies, as well as health issues such as weight management, diabetes, high blood pressure and the like.

Isotonix products are only available through health care professionals, so schedule your consultation with Janna to learn more about this unique product line, and what is most useful for your specific health care needs.



A nutri-physical is an essential tool to defining and redesigning your lifestyle for optimal health.  Contact Janna to receive your survey link. 


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weight management

Move beyond “going on a diet” and into changing your lifestyle.  Weight management is about your mindset, what you ingest, and how you move.

Work with Janna – your “healthnag” for your weight management journey – because two are better than one!

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change your lifestyle

The way you eat, drink, move, and think all need to shift when you are changing your lifestyle.

It is a series of small changes that lead to great forward movement in your life.  With Janna at your side, you have someone to remind you, and help guide you during the journey.



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