Group Events and Classes

My classes and events are meant to be learning opportunities, but socializing and networking as well.  Either with live or in zoom classes, you will meet other people interested in their health and wellness too.



Integrated Wellness

My philosophy is that we need several different things working together to maintain our health.  It’s not just what we eat, it’s how we move, where we shop and how we manage our spiritual and intellectual lives.



On Target for Your Health

I feel that the most important thing we can have is our health.  Yet, we’re not taught how to move properly, breathe properly, take time out for rest and play.  These are important truths in our lives.  Learn how to improve your health and improve your life at the Home of Health Spirit Center.

Janna Stevens

Licensed Massage Therapist

NH License 714

Janna is an experienced, intuitive massage therapist with over 26 years of experience.  She works with all ages, using different techniques depending on the physical conditions and needs of the patients.  Janna takes a whole body, mind, and spirit view of health – integrating massage, essential oils, body harmonics and nutritional needs for wellness.

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